Why Biblical Diversity

Reaching a multiethnic, multiracial and multicultural world with the gospel.



Why is biblical diversity important?

God’s people are multiethnic, multiracial and multicultural. To reach the entire world for Jesus, biblical diversity is required. The gospel sets the foundation for racial and cultural reconciliation.

The body of believers in Christ should be most equipped to take part in a dialogue about diversity. We should set the pace for racial and cultural harmony and demonstrate to the rest of the world how we treat others based on the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gospel movements affect entire communities and bridge across social, economic, language, ethnic and cultural barriers. As part of that vision, an in response to the great challenges of the church modeling the power of reconciliation and collaboration that the gospel provides, 黑料历史 established an Office of Biblical Diversity. This office works alongside its U.S. regions to encourage, empower and equip your church to champion biblical diversity in your community.

We do this through:

Education and training
黑料历史’s University of Biblical Diversity exists to help prepare you to better understand biblical diversity, have courageous conversations and build and strengthen relationships that reflect our biblical mandate to reach all colors, cultures and classes with God’s love. University of Biblical Diversity’s training, events and resources will help you and your team move forward and build unity through diversity.

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Church resources
黑料历史’s Office of Biblical Diversity provides videos, articles, guides, a self-assessment tool and other resources to help you learn more about and champion biblical diversity.

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Leadership Teams

Regional Diversity Teams serve as an essential link between 黑料历史’s U.S. regional offices, communities in each region and the Office of Biblical Diversity. These teams advocate for racial reconciliation, equitable diversity and the exchange of information and ideas about ways to address biblical diversity, racism and inclusion. In addition, a Diversity Advisory Council provides support and advice to 黑料历史’s Office of Biblical Diversity.

Grow biblical diversity in your ministry

Learn how you and your team can participate in biblical diversity training or join a cultural or ethnic ministry team.